A New Approach to Date Night

Date nights are a big factor in a relationship! It’s a great way to bond with your significant other and spend quality time together. For the majority of this year, date nights have been looking different due to the circumstances surrounding us. When there is a will, there is a way! It’s important to keep the tradition of date nights alive while keeping those we love safe and healthy.

  1. 1. Movie Night

    Movie Theater Popcorn

    There are many couples out there deprived of their usual movie theatre dates. We have come to love the experience of going to the theatre and having the aroma of popcorn drenched in butter fill our noses. An amazing thing about living in a time where we have access to streaming services and popcorn at the supermarket is that you can replicate the same experience at home. Choose your favorite streaming service for an endless amount of options for movies and start popping the popcorn. You can also add other snacks such as chocolate, candy and soft drinks to make you feel like you’re in your own personal theatre. Dim the lights for an added touch. There are also projectors you can purchase online that will project movies or shows onto your wall.

  2. 2. Dinner

    Going out to dinner for a date night is a tradition for many couples. Many restaurants have since opened up and taken the necessary precautions to keep their customers safe. With that being said, many people still don’t feel fully comfortable in going to restaurants and that is perfectly okay because there is a solution to that. Instead of going out to a restaurant, look up a recipe that you and your significant other will enjoy and cook it together! You can even make it a three-course meal and make appetizers, entrees and a dessert. Not only is this a perfect bonding experience but you can create a new tradition within your relationship. To add a romantic touch, pair the dinner with some cute décor and candles.

  3. 3. Sunrise or Sunset at the Beach

    If you’re okay with leaving the confinements of your house and into an area of open space, then going to watch the sunrise or the sunset at the beach is a perfect idea. It’s such a simple, yet lovely date idea. There are so many things you can implement for this idea. You can add in a picnic that includes snacks such as cheese and ham boards, hummus with pretzels, and an array of fruits, just to name a few! If a picnic isn’t in the cards then just pack a giant beach blanket, some books and enjoy each other’s company with a beautiful view.


In life, it’s always important to work with what you have and adapt to your surroundings. A pandemic shouldn’t stop you and your loved one from continuing to have these dates that serve as a special pillar for any relationship. This can also be the start of finding new traditions that will be kept after all of this is over.