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NASA’s Incredible New Discovery

Earlier this week, NASA made an incredible discovery that could change the future of life as we know it: a new solar system that may contain habitable planets. Light-years from our own solar system, exists a new solar system called TRAPPIST-1. The solar system is said to contain up to three habitable planets.

Since the news broke out, more and more information about this solar system has been emerging. TRAPPIST-1 is around 39 light-years from our planet, containing a dwarf star orbited by seven Earth-sized planets. This solar system’s star is much dimmer than our own, and the planets are much closer in proximity that those in our system. The expectations are high for three of these planets, its habitability suggests that oceans, and other life forms are present in these worlds.


For now, we await more information on this grand step in the search for life outside of our solar system.


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