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On My Block Season 2 Review *some spoilers*

If you loved season one of On My Block (2018), trust me, you will love season 2 just as much or maybe even more. This show contains everything any binge watcher could dream of: drama, betrayal and tragedy. If the first episode of the second season didn’t make you tear up, even just a little bit, you should stop reading this and go re-watch the whole first season one more time to truly understand what these characters were going through. One of the first question’s running through my mind was, “Why Olivia? Why did she have to die?”. After analyzing the show and doing my own research, it is appropriate to say that Olivia offered a great character in the 1st season: playing as a road block in Cesar’s and Monse’s love, making Ruby almost commit some weird cousin incest, and cause the audience to feel sympathy for the fact she lost her parents. Beyond those points, unfortunately in my opinion, Olivia’s character did not have much to give to the rest of the plot, causing her write off on the show. Sad day, but just like the show did, we have to move on and dive into all the juiciness that comes from season 2.

Run down of the first episode

First and foremost, our favorite couple is finally together and out in the open! How long have we all been waiting for Cesar and Monse to get over their egos and just admit their love for each other? It feels like it took a whole season… oh wait it, it was a whole season. The only down fall is the Cesar is completely homeless and Monse is dealing with her father being out of town and her mom, who left Monse as a child, being a presence in her life. On the other side of the group, our poor Ruby was shot, but survived and tragically lost the love of his life, who happened to be his cousin. It’s not weird if we don’t make it weird, right? Although, through his accident he became a more confident version of himself and found enough courage to attempt to put Spooky, the leaders of the Santos and also Cesar’s older brother, in his place. Finally, we have Jamal who after the whole 1st season wouldn’t keep quiet about the Roller World money, found all $200,000+ of it and has it all stashed away in his old dirty football bag. How is he going to keep track of all this dirty money? After all, they are only 14 years old.

Thoughts on the season

Season 2 offered so much more than I could have asked for. The writers showed some supporting characters, such as Jazmine and Spooky, in a new light making them crucial parts to the new season. They not only went more in-depth in growing the story line of multiple characters, but also enhanced the audience’s knowledge about the history of Freeridge and the gangs that had formed in it.

Season 2 is something you cannot merely read about but have to watch to truly understand the beauty of it. My advice to you is to put down whatever you are doing and go watch this show. By the end of the series, trust, your mouth will be touching the ground and you will be anxiously awaiting the arrival of the 3rd season.

Hi! My name is Alicia Ordacowski, I am originally from Salt Lake City, UT but I am currently living in Miami, FL attending Florida International University. I am studying Hospitality Management with a minor in Communications. I'd like to consider myself a "glass half full" person, I know how to make the best out of any situation and if there's not a way I'll make one. When I have free time I like to write for fun, binge watch Jersey Shore or practice playing the guitar! (Fun fact: I've been dancing for 16 years and 8 of those were competitive).
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