The Most Anticipated Game

Nintendo has been releasing new games for the Switch console.  Re-booting old games, re-formatting them and adding something new into them has made  the $299.99+ console worth every penny. For a while, gamers were not seeing the benefit of an investment in the console. Everything changed after the E3 exclusive sneak-peek on what Nintendo has been brewing up came to light.

The most anticipated game of the year for Nintendo is the SuperSmash Bros. Ultimate. The E3 trailer which includes Masahiro Sakurai, game director, talks about the game leaving the spectator awed with its final clip.  The ending clip showcases Mario, Megaman, and Samus walking in position to attack when suddenly both Mario and Megaman are attacked by the mysterious monster. Samus senses it and turns around to face none other than Ridley. 

After that clip during the E3 expo, everyone's attention, especially those who have played the first SuperSmash, was caught. Every gaming magazine and online personality went on by discussing, claiming theory's and simply gushing about it. 

After being nominated for IGN's Best Game of E3 2018 award and the Best Nintendo Switch Game from both IGn and Gamescon, Super Smash Bro. Ultimate was now on everyones radar and wishlist.

The last trailer released Nov. 1, 2018, showcased something no one was expecting. The video starts with a soft vignette purple-pink hue of clouds to a close-up of Fox holding out his gun toward Galeem,  then the angle shifts to a wide pan showing all the possible characters in the game.  In an instant, a bunch of  Hands or Master Hands start going after the characters.  As to where they go is a pure mystery.

Out of all the characters, the only one to survive is the loveable, childlike, character, Kirby.  Sakurai explains that the only character able to outrun Galeem is Kirby. In a translation provided by Source Gaming Sakurai adds, "We needed a solid, convincing reason for why said character could outrun Galeem. [...] Some of you may have forgotten, but Kirby’s Warp Star has been able to, y’know, warp since his very first game. That alone made him a pretty solid contender." 

Unlike SuperSmash Bro. Melee, this game can be played up to 8 players, be played with local wireless and online, and now you can watch and be a spectator on an ongoing game, even if you lost. There are also new characters in this game that the last did not have. Including a female Pikachu, Ridley, Dark Samus, King. K. Rod, the DLC character: Piranha Plant and more!

Nintendo even went further on releasing a sleek, thin, new switch bundle of the game. (Retail price may vary)  The controllers and the charging doc both have etchings solely designed based off the game. There has even been a remake of the old GameCube controller that can be used to play! Creating that nostalgia to when you first played the original game.

The game is set out to be released on Dec. 7, 2018, and although there have already been some leaks, this hasn't fazed excited gamers. Everyone is still buzzing and can't wait for the release of the game. 

The only let down some gamers have, is that Waluigi will not be in the game... or so we think so.