Mini Skincare Fridges Are Trending

It seems like there is always a new beauty trend going around. Recently we’ve seen a trend that has resurfaced and has been rising with beauty products: mini fridges.


Why do I need a mini fridge? Can’t I use my fridge in the kitchen?

The new trend about the mini skincare fridges is that you can store them right in your room. You can now have cool face lotions to reduce puffiness in the morning, without having to walk all the way to the kitchen fridge.

You can store your serums, day and night moisturizers, hydrating face mists, eye cream, sheet masks and even your crystal facial roller. Say hello to cooler skin.


Is the mini fridge worth it or is it just another Instagram trend?

Although there is no real evidence that cooling your facial products will enhance their effects. Cold products to help your morning routine by reducing puffy under eye circles and give you a soothing effect to take on the day. As well as the fact that your products will have a longer shelf life due to the cold. 



You deserve that cold face mask after a long day.