Mindhunter Season 2 Recap and Review

Mindhunters season 2 (finally!) premiered on Netflix last Friday after a nearly 2-year wait. Despite its time away, the show seems to engulf you right back into the story, almost as if forcing you to binge-watch all nine episodes in one sitting, at least that's my excuse for doing so…

Here is a refresher on what has happened thus far on the show:

Holden Ford ( Jonathan Groff), Bill Tench (Holt McCallany), and Wendy Carr ( Anna Torv) are 3 FBI agents, who are tasked with studying and understanding the psyche of high profile serial killers in the late 1970’s, for the new behavioral science unit. This is a show based on a true story and season 1 follows some real-life famous killers like Richard Speck and Edmund Kemper. What makes the show even chillier to watch is, seeing just how similar some of the actors look to the killers. Take a look on how identical the actors look to the real life killers! 

Throughout the season, they continue to interview these killers and things take a twisted turn, leaving us patiently waiting for more.

At last, they have delivered.

Season 2 review

This season is everything season 1 was but slightly elevated. Season 2 picks up just a few days after the panicked state we leave Agent Ford in at the end of season 1. If the in-depth review of high profile cases is what drew you into Mindhunters, then season 2 will pull you even deeper into the dark hole. Season 2 contains even bigger cases such as Charles Manson and Son of Sam, and wraps you up in the story making you feel like you are with Ford getting to know these eerie murderers. There is also a main focus through the entity of the show surrounding the tragic Atlanta child murders. The season ends with many questions unanswered which can feel frustrating but I think that is my favorite part of this show. It is based on real-life cases and much like some of the ones presented in this season, not all cases get solved at the end.

The next mystery that needs to be solved is whether or not Mindhunters will be renewed for season 3. Even if it is, we might be waiting for a while. For now enjoy the 9 episode masterpiece we all waited this long for and join Holden, Tench, and Carr in trying to uncover the deepest parts of these thrilling murders.