Miami's Most Anticipated Week

December is coming right around the corner with Miami’s most anticipated week; Art Week. The main art exhibition is called Art Basel. Art Basel brings art and artists from all around the world to Miami from December 6th through December 9th. If you’ve never attended now is the time to try it out. Art Basel has leading gallery shows in Hong Kong and Miami. Their main focus apart from bringing the artistic culture to different areas is to support artists, galleries, and connect collectors and art enthusiasts.


Art Basel’s main event is in the Miami Beach Convention Center ranging in works, forms of paintings, sculptures, mixed media, installations, photographs and films.

3 Reasons Why Art Basel is the Event to go to:


  • -You get to see artwork that is behind closed doors in International Museums and Galleries.
  • -Artwork of all different kinds. You will not be bored or unamused because there is something everyone will enjoy.
  • -Great Networking. Art Basel is a great opportunity to not only meet artists but get a chance to rub elbows with famous faces while they attend the event.


The city of Miami gets super excited during this time and shows visitors and locals the art world by hosting many events around the city. There’s no better way to experience Miami than with all the art shows and the post fair shows during Miami’s Art Week. This year the city will be hosting its III Points Festival in February, including artists such as SZA, Tyler the Creator, A$AP Rocky, etc. But some artists will make their debut during Miami’s Art Week.


Go out and enjoy everything Miami Week and Art Basel have to offer, you never know what famous face you’ll run into.