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The Miami Flea


For those who didn’t know, the A+E District in Miami has become a hub for arts, entertainment, and a little mix of culture exposure. They host what is called The Miami Flea once every month usually on a Sunday afternoon. This past Sunday, the A+E celebrated their 3rd Anniversary hosting an amazing event with over 100 vendors. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday under the hot Miami sun with live music, delicious foods, art, and some vintage finds.


The energy was contagious and the live music absolutely created a relaxing ambiance.The music varied from Latin / jungle jazz to electro-acoustic soul by artist Atomic Mish. (@atomicmish)

Sweets, icecream, beverages of many sorts, whatever you were craving at the moment there was probably a vendor waiting to satisfy that need. Oh and did I mention, The Salty Donut was there?! Yes, they packed their signature donuts and sold them from a food truck. 

I had my cold brew from @vicecitybean in one hand and my donut in another. 

There was a place for anyone at this event. Foodies had their spot with the delicious foods, fashionistas with multiple outlets of clothing and accessories, home designers, photographers, artists, musicians, everyone had a place where they belonged.

Living in Miami, sometimes I forget how many things are constantly going on around me that I am unaware of. And for the first time, I witnessed a community of extraordinary individuals come together and experience a grand time. 

What I loved about it the most was how most of the vendors handmade their products. From candles to jewelry, I saw a little bit of everything. Trust me, it was hard to fight the temptation of buying everything I laid eyes on. One vendor had jewels made straight from Thailand. Not to mention, beautifully handcrafted necklaces and handbags from Africa! I managed to follow some clothing and accessory accounts on social media like, @shop_ikidikid, @shop.anomalousness, @steviewandersvintage, @belizetreasures, @goldenbar.home, and my personal favorite @hustlevintage where I found the cutest high-waisted shorts! 

There is something special about seeing your food made right in front of you. You see the ingredients, you see who makes it, it brings me a sense of ease. Walking by and smelling the aroma from the grill, can you really blame me? Some of the many local eats included @fresh.coco, @vicecitybean, @pokekaimiami, @thesaltydonut, @burgersupremeburger, @doughmiami, and @doggystylemia.  

A refreshing ginger-lemondade tea was needed after hours of walking around because I just could not get enough!

Follow @miamiflea for updates. They are very active on social media and will definitely keep their loyal audience informed on what happens next! If you find yourself free on December 17th on time to catch the next event, I 10/10 recommenced stopping by.

Until the next adventure,


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