Miami FC on Campus

This past weekend I attended a Miami FC game against Philadelphia’s Fury. This game ended in a tie after both teams played ably but what really caught my attention was the crowd. The crowd on Sunday nights game was composed of our very own Florida International University’s students. Miami FC has been promoting their games to our campus for a few weeks now in order to really emphasis that they want their fan based to be the Miami born and raised as they want to endorse the lating culture all around us. Even those on the field were FIU’s collegiate as we had one of our undergrad students sing the national anthem, the Star-Spangled Banner before the start of the game. 


The Miami FC promotional team will be seen on the Modesto Maidique campus more often as they take part in huge school events such as Homecoming and Roarthon. This past week they also had some of their teams members come table at the Graham Center to give out applications to be on their creative team towards advancing the connections between our university and the soccer club. Tickets can be purchased on the Miami FC team for $10 and games are played at Barry University, this is a great opportunity for our university but also for us as students to gain Marketing and business opportunities. This is the team that soccer fans in South Florida have been waiting for and this team is ready to interact with their fan based. Even more so, just like any sports team with its own huge following, the Miami FC and its followers have come to be their own united family. I’ll catch you at the next game!