Melania Trump and the Infamous White Pantsuit.

Melania Trump was a vision in white as she walked into the State of the Union Address sporting a lovely pantsuit and silk blouse. As she walked down the steps with a wave and a glowing smile, one couldn't help but notice the stark difference between her outfit and the outfits of most of the other women in attendance. While the female congressional Democrats wore black in support of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement, many questioned why Melania, a notable fashionista, had chosen to wear white so fiercely post-labor day. Some argue that she wore the pantsuit as a protest against Trump and his most recent infidelity scandal, while others say she was just being stylish- hello, Dior pantsuit. Whatever the reason, Melania has sparked a widespread inquiry into the case of the white pantsuit.

So was her outfit choice in protest of Mr. President or did the first lady just want to compliment her tan? I can agree that this is one of the less solid conspiracies involving the first family, however with the recent scandals surrounding Trump it is not hard to delve into them. Let’s not forget that the color white has been a symbol of women's suffrage for a while now as Hillary Clinton often wore the color during elections in an effort to protest Trump. Coincidentally, during a powerful performance at the Grammy’s last Sunday, Ke$ha and all the women on stage wore white as a representation of sisterhood. This may be a reach in a circumstance where adultery wasn't involved, however the case of the white pantsuit was conceived because of the recent accusations against POTUS involving Porn Star Stormy Daniels. It has come out that in October of 2016 Stormy Daniels was paid $130,000 to prevent her from going public with claims that her and the President had a consensual affair. In a comment made by the White House they explained that these rumors have been “circulating since 2011,” but this is not the first infidelity scandal that has plagued Trump. Karen McDougal, a former playboy model, sold exclusive rights to her story about the affair she claims to have had with Mr. President. Albeit accusations, these stories are what began the questioning of Melania's outfit choice. 

The stark contrast between Melania’s outfit choice and those in the crowd coupled with her solo arrival to the State of the Union Address, triggered an extensive investigation into the case of the white pantsuit. If Melania was protesting her husband, then I’m certain this will not be the first demonstration we see. If not, then we can continue to admire the First Ladies keen fashion sense and her noteworthy grace in the presence of her husband.