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Meet Panhellenic President Sofia


The Panhellenic Council is an ever growing community here at FIU and in the next two weeks it will be growing even more as over 600 women participate in the council’s annual formal recruitment. Sofia is a senior Public Relations/Marketing major and this year’s Panhellenic president. She is responsible for leading the Panhellenic Executive Board and Recruitment Team in the recruitment process.  


-What is the Panhellenic Council at FIU?

The Panhellenic Council at FIU is a community that consist of seven, soon to be eight, social sororities which are: Alpha Omicron Pi, Alpha Xi Delta, Delta Phi Epsilon, Phi Mu, Phi Sigma Sigma, Sigma Kappa, Sigma Sigma Sigma and Alpha Chi Omega will soon be joining.  


Why did you apply to be Panhellenic President?

Originally, I planned on applying for another position on the Pi Chi e-board, however, with the help of mentors and advisors, I realized I had the dedication and ideas to take on this position successfully. Being an active member in the Panhellenic community for more than three years now, I have gained respect and “PC love” for all the sororities; I met women I call role models and lifetime friends from each sorority. I wanted to be in a position that allowed me to be proactive in the growth and success of this community. Each of these organizations encourage women to strive scholastically, help the community through philanthropic work and involvement and practice networking. Going Greek is a movement that I am passionate about; it enhances your college career and it creates memories and relations that will stay with you for a lifetime. 


What has been your favorite part of this position?

My favorite part about this position is meeting and creating relationships with people. Without this position, I would not have been given the honor and opportunity to have met inspiring sorority women, unique Rho Gammas & Pi Chi members, supportive advisors and many more people. At the end of the day, the relationships we form with each other, the lessons we learn together and the memories we make with one another are the most rewarding and my favorite part to this position.


What has been the most challenging part of this position?

I would have to say the most difficult part about this position is learning that not everything is perfect. No matter how prepared one may be, there will always be obstacles to overcome. Being president of a club, organization or council requires someone who is willing to take responsibility for everything, especially when things go wrong. I’ve learned that often times people may judge or not agree with actions or decisions PiChi makes, however, the best thing we try to do is constantly show interest and provide the opportunity to meet and discuss with them their concerns.  


What advice would you give a woman going through Panhellenic Recruitment?

My advice to you (the women who have made one of the best decisions of their life), is to truly have an open mind when you go through this process. Take it from the PC president, each of these organizations have so much to offer! You can’t go wrong wherever you end up. These sororities all have tremendous sisterhood, passion for amazing philanthropies, they strive scholastically, get involved on campus and so much more. Two important things to remember is: Everything happens for a reason, and sometimes, we don’t always know what is best for ourselves. There’s a possibility you may not understand what I mean by that last part; The sorority you feel you want/will get into before recruitment, might not be the same sorority that you end up joining or getting a bid from, and that’s okay! Throughout recruitment, be sure to show genuine interest and have good conversations with all sororities, even the ones you think you may not end up being a part of. Just because you may be speaking to a women that is not in the sorority you may end up in doesn’t mean you can’t be their friend and get to know them. I know that’s a lot of advice! However, the most important thing is to always be kind and have fun. If you do that, you will have an amazing recruitment experience.  


-Five fun facts about Sofia:

I love to karaoke and dance.

My great-great grandfather was President of Venezuela.

When I was five, I cut my mother’s hair in her sleep.

I strongly dislike horror movies and chick-flicks. I always prefer comedy, action, and sci-fi.

I aspire to be on SNL one day. 


Nicole Aguiar is a public relations major at Florida International University in Miami, Florida. As an active writer for both Her Campus online magazine, and FIU's newspaper, The Beacon, she publishes news stories weekly in her community. Nicole has also interned for the Public Relations team at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts of Miami-Dade County and is currently an executive board member for FIU's Relay for Life. 
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