Last Thursday, we had the pleasure of meeting the oh so gorgeous Bachelorette contestant, Luke Pell here on our campus! He wore dark gray denim pants with a black t-shirt along with that gorgeous smile we all remember from Jojo’s season.Throughout his visit, students were able to get the inside scoop about his experience on The Bachelorette.

He said that the overall experience was fun yet exhausting. The rose ceremonies would go until 4 a.m. since each contestant needed their one-on-one conversations with the bachelorette. The hardest part about being at the house was not being able to use his cell phone. Although he says there were ways to cheat the system, he decided to play by the rules.

Pell admitted he had been thinking about going on Bachelor in Paradise, which raised up some questions about Danielle Lombard.The media has targeted Pell and Lombard to be the next hot couple. According to sources, Pell denies that they are a couple but admits “She is a great girl, but we haven’t gotten to know each other yet. We haven’t even had a real, proper date.”

During his visit, Pell said that the media has a way of over hyping everything. He said that he’s not too serious about the tabloids and will sometimes start a little drama for fun since the media is always looking for something to talk about.

He told students that his experience on The Bachelorette has led him to meet so many people from different seasons, who have quickly become his closest friends. He shared that Grant and Lace are no longer together (total shocker!) Grant and Lace were one of the final couples on last seasons Bachelor in Paradise who left the show with an engagement. Together, they got matching tattoos on a one-on-one date. Pell said that Grant has gotten another tattoo to cover up the original one since the breakup (awkward).

And finally, we were able to hear his true feelings about Jojo.

Pell said that he is in no way in love with Jojo and has been able to pick up the pieces and move on. Today, he is completely focused on his country music (found on Spotify!)

After the Q &A, Pell spent some time posing for fan photos. 

A special thanks to Luke for his visit! If we had roses to give, we'd pick you every time.