Little Women Film Review

Last weekend I had the privilege of attending a pre-screening of Greta Gerwig’s “Little Women”. This production will be airing on December 25th in all your local movie theaters with a fantastical and well known cast. From super star, Meryl Streep to Emma Watson to Laura Dern and many other familiar faces the cast does a phenomenal job in portraying the characters from the 1868 classic. 


Many online critics have been skeptic about the release of this film due to the fact that it has already been done several times. I have to say that I, myself, was a bit skeptic at first, but as soon as the movie begins it is easy to see why director Greta Gerwig felt it necessary to come out with this film.

The film is able to perfectly recreate the story of these four women in a modern way by simplifying the language used and improving the quality of the graphics while still keeping it set during the Civil War. 

To anyone who has had no encounter with the book or precious films, the story follows four very unique sisters who live with their mother during and after the Civil War. Each of the sisters has a talent and passion for music, painting, acting, and writing.

Our writer is Jo, who the story begins with is trying to negotiate a deal with her publisher who will not accept any story of an unmarried women. Although many would at first glance see this film as a sort of “Pride & Prejudice” film, where there is a big focus on the theme of feminism and whether or not the sole purpose for a woman in life is to find a husband, the movie "Little Women" quickly becomes evident that this in fact not true. 

The story is truly about a family awaiting the arrival of their father and how although each sister has different aspirations they all come back together in times of need. Many scenes had the whole theater in tears and I, myself, am guilty of this as well because of the family oriented dilemmas shown in the film. It is easy for everyone in the audience to identify themselves with at least one of the characters in the film as we see portrayal of their vulnerability and compassion.

I’d give this film a solid 9/10 and recommend you all to take a look at it once it comes out in theaters.