Let's Keep the Beach Clean

Someone says spring break, what is your first thought? Beach, sun, friends, and/or an amazing week to remember. The correlation between the beach and spring break is universal. In 2016, Project Know conducted a study, examining Instagram posts with the hashtag #SpringBreak. They made a list of Top 10 Spring Break Destinations for college students. Florida takes the cake with 4 cities in Top 10, totaling 179k instagram posts: Miami at #1, Orlando at #3, Panama City Beach at #7, and Fort Lauderdale at #9. Unfortunately, with Miami being so far in the lead, that means we have to work twice as hard to eliminate all the leftover trash.

The City of Miami Beach has taken countless steps to lessen the littering on our gorgeous beaches. As of 2016, they have placed all trash cans and recycling bins every 200 ft, and raised the littering fine ranging from $1,500 to $3,500. According to CBS, the city of Miami Beach put their foot down and placed a number of restrictions this year, such as:

-No alcohol or drugs on beach property

-No coolers, inflatable devices, tables, tents, or similar structures

-Enforcing occupancy limits for different sections of the beach

As amazing as it is to know that the city is concerned with the littering problem that comes with spring break, what better way to help than to lead by example! Back in 2017, FIU’s own Alpha Phi Alpha’s were not only featured on the Miami Herald, but thanked by the Miami Beach Administration and Police Department. They set out to break the stereotype of lazy spring breakers, who come to the beach and leave more than just their footprints. It’s so easy and simple to have a good time AND pick up after yourself!

We are so lucky to be living in paradise. Just look at those cerulean blue waters! There is always a trash can at the entrance/exit of the beach. Next time you’re at the beach, try picking up a few trash items off the sand while on your way to the car. The smallest efforts make a huge difference.

Image by: Luis Gomez