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Last Minute Costume Ideas for Halloween

As the spooky season sadly comes to an end, so does the chance for getting dressed up. We’ve all been in the situation where we suddenly have a last-minute Halloween party to go to. All of our costumes have been used, there is no more money to waste, and no time to find complicated costumes. Here are some less-than-complicated ideas that don’t break the bank and won’t take you hours to put together. 

1. Mummies

At first glance, one might think of dressing up as a mummy and not like the idea; but with a pair of white shorts and a cute white crop top, your look is almost complete! Wrap some toilet paper or tulle to finish your costume off. If you’re able to do a cool makeup look, even better. It is a simple way to look cute, and still spooky for the season. 

2. Aliens

There are many ways to dress up as an alien, which is why it makes it so easy. Look in your closet for something sparkly: a dress, a skirt, or a romper. Buy glitter and put it over your shoulders and collarbone. Do simple space buns on your hair and finish your make up off with glitter as your highlighter. There you have it, a cute alien that came to this world for a day. 

3. Nerds 

This one is a little cliche and has been used for many, many years. However, this is the perfect costume for being in a rush. Wear a white shirt and high wasted pants or shorts. Finish of your look with two ponytails, glasses, and long socks. If you have suspenders, wear them as a final touch. 

4. Devil or Angel 

These two are easy. For the devil the only thing you need to buy are the devilish horns and for the angel the wings and the halo. If you’re dressing up as the devil, bring out all the red you have in your closet. All you need is red and black or white, respectively for the costume ideas. Play with the clothes you already own and you’ll see you will have the perfect costume. 

5. Rockstar

If you don’t already own a leather jacket, this is the perfect time to get one. Wear dark clothes, fishnet stockings, and black heeled boots for a sexier style. Top your makeup off with a star on your eye and add some glitter. The good thing about this one is that there is no specific way to dress up for it. It is up to you to rummage through your closet and select outfits that are dark and compliment the rockstar look. 


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