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Yes, the rumors are unfortunately true. Last Wednesday, beauty influencer Kathleenlights announced on her YouTube channel that her trendy nail polish brand, KL Polish, would be shutting down. This announcement came as a shock to the beauty community and to many of her subscribers and customers. 

However, others on Reddit have been speculating that the brand was going downhill for a few weeks now. The brand ended their ambassador program in late January, meaning that affiliate discount codes would now be invalid on purchases. Prior to the announcement, Kathleen released a statement saying that she would not be releasing her annual birthday nail polish, “Das Esspensive” and that she would be explaining why soon. This caused a huge buzz amongst her fans.

In her video titled “MY THOUGHTS WHILE I EAT BWW | KAT CHATS”, Kathleen said that she is not the sole owner of KL Polish. For that reason, she cannot say why the brand is shutting down nor answer everyone’s questions, for now. She said that she will answer all the questions once she is legally able to do so.  

There are many different theories as to why the brand is shutting down, but the main theory seems to be differences with the other owner that could not be resolved. 

Until Kathleen sits down and tells her subscribers the whole story, all that’s left to do is to be patient and take advantage of the sales happening on klpolish.com. The brand mentioned in a comment on Instagram that they would be having more promotions coming up and to keep your eye out! KL Polish has yet to announce the official last day of business, and it is assumed they are trying to get rid of all the stock they have left. 

It is such a shame to see such an amazing company come to an end. We’ll miss you, KL Polish. 


Anel is an Elementary Education major within the Honors College at Florida International University. Her passions include beauty, music, education, and of course writing! In the future, she plans to be working as a full-time teacher and part-time makeup artist, all while obtaining her Masters degree. When she's not studying or working, you can probably find Anel shopping, watching makeup tutorials and Netflix, volunteering in a kindergarten classroom, or spending time with her family.
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