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KL Polish: A Brand You NEED In Your Life

Tired of paying for expensive gel manicures that are damaging your nails? Are you looking for a trendy nail polish line that is guaranteed to last as long? 

Look no further than KL Polish, a cruelty-free, vegan nail polish line that debuted on December 5th, 2016. The brand was founded by Miami native Kathleen Fuentes, a.k.a. KathleenLights on YouTube. KL Polish achieved overnight success and Internet popularity following its original Fall launch and continues to wow and excite nail polish enthusiasts everywhere.

KL Polish releases new collections seasonally and will sometimes release limited edition collections in between. Each collection typically consists of six nail polishes all named by Kathleen herself. The names of the polishes are based upon Kathleen’s life and/or interests. Each collection also features a polish named after someone or something important to her. 

Some of the collections include the Zodiac collection, Havana Heat Summer 2018 (inspired by Kathleen’s Cuban heritage), Summer 2017 (inspired by Miami), Ethereal Garden Spring 2018, and Winter Glamourland (Winter 2017). All of these collections (except the Zodiac collection, which is limited edition) are permanent. 

KL Polish’s formula is more on the thick side. It is recommended to apply two thin coats for maximum opaqueness, along with a base and top coat. This thicker formula guarantees a long-lasting manicure with minimum chipping. 

KL Polish retails for $9.50 per polish and $49.95 for a boxed set. All KL Polishes are 12-free, meaning that they are made without harsh chemicals and toxic parabens that are found in other mainstream polishes. According to their website, “KL Polish is the only polish on the market that is 12-free, cruelty free, vegan, and long lasting for under $10.” 

Every Monday, the brand hosts a “Happy Hour” on their Instagram stories from 5-7 PST. During this time, a special promotion is offered, such as free shipping or a discount on a certain nail color. “Happy Hour” also allows customers to ask any questions they may have.

Be sure to also sign up for KL Polish’s newsletter! By signing up, you become part of their VIP program. VIPs receive a 10% off discount code via email every season! 

This young brand has nothing but a bright future ahead. Check it them out at www.klpolish.com. You WON’T regret it! 

Follow KL Polish on Instagram and Twitter @KLPolish to stay up to date on new collections, launch dates, swatches, and special promotions! 

Anel is an Elementary Education major within the Honors College at Florida International University. Her passions include beauty, music, education, and of course writing! In the future, she plans to be working as a full-time teacher and part-time makeup artist, all while obtaining her Masters degree. When she's not studying or working, you can probably find Anel shopping, watching makeup tutorials and Netflix, volunteering in a kindergarten classroom, or spending time with her family.
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