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King Richard: You Just Have to See It!

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Hitting theaters on November 19th, this unique film tells a legendary story about Venus and Serena Williams’s journey to stardom, as well as the true meaning of talent.

King Richard, in my opinion, is the perfect cinematography to display such a heartfelt story. This film breaks all societal views and stereotypes about “fame” and rather introduces a new perspective through the two African American female tennis players’ bold storyline.

Will Smith takes on the role of Richard Williams, who is a persistent father that creates a plan for his family while doing everything in his power to take their talents to the next level. Saniyya Sidney (Venus) and Demi Singleton (Serena) are impressive young actors. They execute the star tennis players with genuine ease and authenticity. This film is rather symbolic as it takes a look at the two legendary icons and hones in on how the guidance of their father contributed to a huge part of their successes today. I find the constant love and support in this film to be relevant and needed in today’s society as many are numb to their emotions and subconsciously compare themselves to one another.  

The truth is we ALL face hardships while finding purpose in life. This film is ongoingly relatable in the sense that it is the real embodiment of how a well-put-together family facing hardships turns their rough realities into purpose. (AKA having a solid support system.) The storyline is based on a true story and has many emotional triggers as it focuses on the characters’ main living conditions and neighborhood environment.

This film is guaranteed to leave an audience in awe. It has such a deep undertone, strong, and bold commitment tailoring love and adoration. Rattling the emotions of every viewer, you’re bound to shed a tear or two, no matter how many times you may watch the film. Not only will you cry but you will share laughter and feelings of suspense bursting through the roof from beginning to end. This film leads the audience through the adventure of achieving the impossible. 

There were a hundred different ways to tell the story and it is with no doubt that the one produced was an excellent choice to execute such a grappling story. 

All in all, I 100/10 recommend it. This film allows an audience to see Venus and Serena Williams as normal people rather than two-star tennis players with a big name and a lot of Mula. This film carries plenty of symbolism all throughout, from fight to courage and big rewards from higher risks. 

Be sure to check it out in theaters or HBO Max! #KingRichard

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