Jane the Virgin Season Premiere: Recap vs. Review

On March 27th, the long awaited season five of Jane the Virgin finally premiered on the CW. It’s safe to say that the last episode of the previous season got us shook to the c o r e. So many things were left unsaid, and had us fan asking what’s going to happen to Xiomara? Are Jane and Rafael moving in together? Are they going to get engaged? Is Michael actually back from the dead….? What is Rose doing behind all of this? Basically, we’ve been waiting for the past 11 months for the tea to be spilled. Now that chapter eighty-two is out, we’ve got a lot of questions needing to be answered. If you haven’t watched the first episode of season five, I suggest you stop what you’re doing and go watch the episode! Definitely a must watch. 


This episode is the epitome of a whirlwind of emotions. The last episode of season four left us with our jaws dropping as Michael comes back from the dead. No context was given to us whatsoever, as we were left to wait ~patiently~  to uncover this mystery. As the first episode unfolds, we learn that Michael has amnesia, and doesn’t go by Michael anymore. He’s Jason from Montana, and speaks very slooowly. Obviously, this is extremely tough for Jane as she’s torn once again between Rafael and Michael. She begins to rethink her marriage with Michael (or Jason as one should say), how her relationship with Rafael be affected, what will Mateo think about this and how and should she tell him. Her brain is overflooded with confusion, heartache, and a sense of feeling lost. As she was getting ready to move in with Rafael, it seemed that her life was finally coming together after those years of mourning the death of Michael. But of course, no novela isn’t a novela without a major plot twist. Now she’s being faced with the responsibility to help gain Michael’s memory back, as she is his wife (for better or for worse, am I right?). During the episode, Jane takes Jason to all their momentous spots in hopes for his memory to come back, but that was not the case. Throughout this episode, you see the joy in Rogelio’s face to hear Michael is back, but the disappointment to hear that all their “bromance” memories were gone. Alba and Xo were as shocked as everyone else. And most importantly, Rafael is trying to keep strong as he sees the man that Jane once loved come back into her life.



As mentioned earlier, this season has been long awaited by Jane the Virgin fans. As someone who is team Michael and Rafael BOTH, this episode was very intriguing but difficult to watch in the sense where Jane (Gina Rodriguez) did a magnificent job in portraying her emotions to allow the audience to feel them as well. Not to mention, Gina Rodriguez had an incredible seven minute monologue, that in my opinion, deserves an award. In those seven minutes, she uncovered all her emotions from confused to heartbroken to feeling okay (althought we ALL know that's not true). This episode was the perfect mix of heartache to shockness to comic relief (thanks to the help of the one and only, Rogelio Villanueva). This episode, again, is a whirlwind of emotions and leaves us wanting to know more between Jane and Michael (Jason?), Jane and Rafael, and what's going to happen to this love triangle once again.