Jaclyn Hill's Vault Collection Disaster

Just a few weeks ago, Jaclyn Hill launched another highly anticipated collection with Morphe. She mentioned that it would contain shades she originally intended to put into her first collaboration with Morphe, but being that all the shades didn't fit into just one single palette, they went into what she called “The Vault” and they remained there until she decided to release them.

People were so excited for this next collaboration, 'The Vault' collection, as the first palette she launched with Morphe was highly praised, and as an owner of the palette myself, I thought it was beautifully made.


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'The Vault' collection includes 4 different, 12-eyeshadow, palette's for $49. Each palette had a different color scheme, ranging from warm red's to cool toned green's. The collection was supposed to launch in June but was pushed back due a number of influencers claiming the palette's were not as great as Hill had made them out to be. People were saying that the eyeshadows didn’t have the pigmentation that she had shown in her videos, were very powdery and patchy, and therefore difficult to blend.

Hearing this feedback, Hill and the team at Morphe decided to push back the release date of her palette and work on making the shadows better and the way that she envisioned them to be from the beginning.

When my cousin came back from the Las Vegas launch and we opened our palettes, we were so excited. I’ve never really judged a palette by the swatches I see online, simply because most people use their fingers to do them. When we opened our palettes and used some of the eyeshadows, I was disappointed in the fact that they were so patchy and hard to work with. We weren't the only people who received 'bad batches' and as Hill started to notice a trend, Morphe refunded everyone who purchased the Las Vegas palettes, and began working on reformulating 'The Vault' collection.

Her collection finally launched in August and the new palette's were sent to influencers as part of PR packages to review before people began purchasing them again. There were mixed reviews once again, with people saying absolutely nothing changed and Jaclyn “scammed” her following by telling them that it was being reformulated, while others were saying how these were much better. People also began saying the shades weren’t even that different from her original palette and the whole “Vault” was a scam too.

For reference, this is her original palette:

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Once the palette was released, I immediately bought it again, with that excitement that it was going to be different and the same quality of her original palette. I felt the quality improved, but not by much. Certain shades were still patchy, specifically from the Dark Magic palette. The blues and greens from the palette still seemed sheer and difficult to blend. I did notice that there are similarities in shades between the original palette and her new collection, but I don’t believe they’re exact copies. I’m not under the impression she tried to scam her following. 



Xoxo Nicole.