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‘Jackass Forever’ Review: Stupidity Never Not Works

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Jackass Forever is the newest and most outrageous movie out, striking the theatres on February 4th. Luckily enough, my friend managed to swipe us two tickets for a special preview on February 1st. However, this would be my first time watching a Jackass movie, or anything Jackass related. The series has always been notorious for it’s appalling stunts and insane pranks that excites audiences and makes them want more, but I just never managed to watch it. Aside from being far too young to watch, I just never found that world to be as entertaining as people claim it is. But offered to go watch it on opening night, I went for it! And let me tell you, I was definitely surprised and glad I decided to go.

Since I’m not particularly a Jackass expert, I can’t speak from experience and years of loving the ridiculous and unbelievable series, but I can definitely understand why the series has withstood the test of time. Kicking someone in the balls simply never gets old. Seeing something as shocking as guys trying to light their farts on fire underwater, or the “Cup Test” will always attract attention no matter how much time has passed, no matter how gruesome it gets, no matter how repetitive it may seem. If you’re going to be dumb and do dumb sh*t, it just makes sense to do it on video.

In the new movie Jackass Forever, the crew is wrangled up to make another film, bringing in newer generations and older. As someone who has never seen Jackass, I didn’t know how far they were even allowed to push the limits. One of the first scenes in the movie is Steve-O putting a queen bee on his privates and allowing a hive of bees to swarm around him, getting stung profusely in the process. I simply couldn’t contain my laughter, and at first I thought it was fake or staged, yet I realized very shortly it was all very real.

The movie manages to hit the mark once again, allowing anyone to watch to have a good time. I know people who have grown up with and adore the Jackass series, and then there’s people like my friend and I who aren’t too keen on the franchise. The movie works for all audiences, new and old, unfamiliar and dedicated fans. Not only the shocking images and stunts, but how the crew has stayed together doing wild stupid stunts for over 20 years. The humor obviously isn’t for everyone, but the series’ undeniable success is truly amazing. Who knew fire breathing backflips and jumping into alligator pits could make someone a millionaire?

I found the movie to be entertaining, and not a single bit was boring. Each stunt, scene, or prank was better than the last. It was 90 or so straight minutes of nonstop action, with stars like Tyler, the Creator and Machine Gun Kelly making an appearance. I highly suggest watching this movie (that is, if you can stomach the content) since it’s humorous, brainless behavior is hard to look away from. For those who grew up with Jackass and those who just stumbled upon it, Jackass is definitely a staple in pop culture that could never be removed.

The entire Jackass series just feels like a human body test. How far could we push the limits and how well does the body work under pressure? Every insane idea you can come up with, I’m sure Jackass has done it. I never realized how much this group has done over the course of the years, and it’s honestly impressive. With Jackass Forever, the crew united one last time for one final showstopper. With new and old, this movie is a satisfying ending to a timeless series.

Ariana (she/her) is a Puerto Rican majoring in psychology with a minor in English. She is a Chapter Member of Her Campus at Florida International University and a sister of Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority. Hoping to gain more experiences throughout her college career, Ariana is an ambitious writer who is ready to take on whatever lies ahead!
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