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It’s Bad Bunny’s World And We’re Just Living In It

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Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio famously known as Bad Bunny does not need any introduction. He is one of the most relevant and influential artists in the industry at the moment. With every song he brings a unique and different message, changing the game for reggaeton.

His albums are a celebration of the new generation of reggaeton artists, and a thank you to the influences they have on people. His songs still feel fresh despite playing them for hours and hours and do not ever lose that sense of joy they produce, even if they are sad songs.

Bad Bunny’s songs have opened the eyes of so many people that were not familiar with reggaeton before and now, they are a part of this rich music environment that provokes happiness and union, making it a celebration not just for Latinos but for everyone who feels identified with it.

I am an international FIU student from Ecuador majoring in Public Relations, Advertising & Applied Communications. I have always been very creative and I love everything related to art, that's why writing is not only a passion for me but something that is part of who I am. Moving to New York City after graduation is my ultimate goal. One thing that keeps me motivated through it all is knowing that what I do now serves for my growth and the realization of my goals in the future.
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