Inexpensive Ways to Change up Your Room’s Décor

Because we’ve been staring at the same walls for six months...

Whether you’re doing online schooling from your parent’s house or have been spending quarantine at your own on/off-campus housing, changing up your room’s décor can be a great mood booster and inspire you to push through the rest of the semester. Here are some ways to do so rather easily and inexpensively:

1. Change the wall color.

You might just be sitting in the same aqua colored room you sat in at thirteen. If you are, a couple of pints of new paint to represent your new young-adult self can provide the perfect ambiance to do some adulting (whatever that means). Tip: checkout Pinterest if you’re undecided about which color to choose. 

2. Add a collage wall. 

Collage walls have been all the craze lately- rightfully so. They are so much fun and can serve as a daily inspiration to live out your dreams. Think a mood board, but bigger. They’re also less of a commitment than actually painting a wall. If you don’t like it after Fall’s over, you can create a new one to inspire you for the new year. Tip: Buying pre-made ones that you just have to hang up makes the process a lot less time-consuming. Tezza has some great ones. If you have old magazines lying around and don’t want to spend any extra money, try cutting out a few of your favorite pages.

3. Install/DIY a bookshelf. 

As a college student, having books is a given. If you have any that are aesthetically pleasing to you, adding them as part of your useful décor could be a fun and convenient idea. No more looking all over for that chapter that you have to read the night before a paper is due. Tip: Stores like IKEA and Walmart have a variety of kinds and sizes but making one yourself is also an option. If you already have a dresser or bedside table, standing up some of your books while adding a candle or anything else strong enough at the ends to hold them up is an easy way to add some structure. 

4. Light new candles.

Fall is here, and so are candles, all things pumpkin, and cinnamon. Getting a new candle that fills your room with warmth and all the joyous feels can make the difference between getting the daylight savings blues or getting excited about getting cozy without sweating. 

5. Add some plants.

Plants (whether real or artificial) are an easy way to add life to a room, especially in the colder months when the trees outside are on the barer side. Adding artificial plants is convenient for busy schedules, but live plants can be better for your mental health, as they add some purpose to your daily routine by having to nurture them. 

6. Add lights that bring you joy and/or coziness.

With the day getting darker earlier, we all need items in our space that will make it non(or less)gloomy. Adding string lights, a cute new lamp, or a neon sign are quick ways to make sure your space feels cozy instead of sad after the sun goes down. 

7. Wallpaper.

Another low-commitment option that can add some fun or coffee shop vibes to your space. Whether you feel like splashing a subway tile all over your walls or want to add an accent Parisian-style print, the options are endless and inexpensive.