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In the words of Nicki Minaj…

“I still love, I still love, I still love, I still love.”

Pill n Potions by Nicki Minaj is definitely setting the tone for this article and the mood for Valentine’s Day.

My love story continues to remain adventurous but somehow I still reflect on the words in this genuine, vulnerable song. It isn’t just words that the Queen herself is using as verses but her empathetic, and vulnerable side that sends the message to thousands of people.

This article is not based on ‘Pills n Potions’ but the emotions that became entitled to all of us that relate to this affection side of who we are. Of who I am.

I Still Love…

Everyone that has remained in my life. “It is support and beneficial.”- Nicki Minaj

Through the fluctuation of the ups and downs. I appreciate every last person that continues to remain true to who they are. Each person in my life has taught me who I am. They continue to teach me vulnerability, emotional intelligence, openness, logic, and what love is. I have experienced that there is more to life with these people.

I Still Love…

Those that have come and gone. “In due time we’ll be fine.”- Nicki Minaj

This one can only serve as memories with a person. It may hurt if it was true and genuine, but I have learned to detach and let go of the fantasization of the moments that were once seen as true. I can only reflect on the life lessons of the authentic moments.

Everyone that has come and gone I reflect on the relationship I have built with them, whether it was romantic, platonic, or as acquaintances that were meant to be seen once and for all.

Each perception was meant for me to learn from and understand myself better.

I Still Love…

Those that I have reconnected with. “All the bridges WE came over, don’t burn that yet.”- Nicki Minaj

There is enough love for “reconnections” because it rekindles a relationship with someone that was meant to be here for the long run. Reconnections are the best because it gives a level of balance between separation and awareness in the type of relationship that was meant to happen. Reconnections are genuine, sincere, and truthful.

I Still Love…

I get high off your memory

I get high off your memory

In due time, we’ll be fine

In due time

I still love

-Nicki Minaj

My name is Diana. I currently attend Florida International University in Miami Florida. I want to influence and become an inspiration for a diverse group of people through my writing and my future occupation. I want to empower people with my writing because it is my best attribute.
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