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Hurricane Irma: Shelters and Evacuation zones

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We Floridians have to be prepared for this very threatening storm that is coming our way. The best way to prepare for this storm is to educate yourself with the preparations. Storms like these are dangerous, and they can change easily without warnings.

So, during the storm if worse comes to worse and you live in the Miami Dade County and Broward area here is the information you will need for a clear understanding of the evacuation zones and the shelters accordingly to your address.


Map Photo: http://www.miamidade.gov/emergency/

Above you’ll find the Storm Surge Planning Zones, be aware of what zone you are in. Keep a look out on what zones need to be evacuated. All that information should be posted on www.miamidade.gov and www.Broward.org  as well they should be announced on television and radio.

If you or your loved ones have to be evacuated or you feel like you are threatened in the place that you are in do not hesitate to go to a shelter.

Below you can find a list of shelters in Miami Dade county. The red arrow is indicating one of the few shelters that allow pets. It is really important to take care of your pets, they are helpless without you. Remember to bring your pets credentials such as rabies tag and vaccine records.


Remember to stay safe, and prepare with time. Don’t take things lightly, storms are unpredictable. For further information check on your local news stations and county websites posted above. 



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