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How To Go From Vibrational Scarcity To Abundance

We have been taught since we were little to think about what we would like to be when we grow up. A doctor, a lawyer, a ballerina, a chef and so many more careers that we grew up admiring in television or by seeing people we knew perform in any of those fields. Some may follow a path that has been written by someone else and some may draw their own path and erase it a thousand times before deciding the final destiny. Live turns out to be the result of different decisions taken and that is the truth.

After analyzing different situations in my life, I noticed that that the majority of people have been taught to become something and not someone. We have been taught to desire a professional career over happiness and non-career-related dreams. We have been taught to ask the universe for things from a place of scarcity. Here is how you can turn that back around and grow mentally to meet your highest self and reach that place of abundance.

Let go of your need to have control
You can’t predict what’s gonna happen next in your life, so the first step to leaving that low vibrational energy place is to accept and let go. Let the joy of things guide you and learn from them. Things will not always stay the same, everything needs to evolve. Your circumstances are always going to change. When you decide to surrender, all the anxiety goes away and makes space for peace to ground you and give you the stability you need to move forward.

Stress doesn’t mean accomplishment
Yes, you read it right. I have been guilty of this too. We tend to believe that having a million things in our mind at the same time and being busy 24 hours of the day makes us as successful. We have seen it in movies and in real life and we tend to brag about how stressed we are as if that was something to be happy about. If you have a stressful day it’s fine, but if it is interfering with your life, doesn’t stop, and affects your mental health start being more conscious of what you put energy into.

Struggle doesn’t mean you’re failing
If you ever thought that you weren’t enough because you have made mistakes or you think you are not doing everything perfectly, this one is for you.
You need to start having a different mindset about struggling. Everything in life will have tough phases and that is what makes you grow. There is no space for perfection in abundant life. You are worthy no matter what the outcome is; we’ve been put into this world to learn to get up and try again. That is what makes you a successful and strong person.

Abundance is a place that not a lot of people know. Not because someone is a millionaire necessarily has abundance of all kinds in his or her life. Abundance comes in different forms: mentally, economically, physically, romantically, socially, etc. The goal is to become someone who lacks scarcity, who is patient, who does not seek perfection, and who trusts themselves despite all of the obstacles life throws. At the end of the day, we only have ourselves so why not choose to become our best version and enjoy the ride?

I am an international FIU student from Ecuador majoring in Public Relations, Advertising & Applied Communications. I have always been very creative and I love everything related to art, that's why writing is not only a passion for me but something that is part of who I am. Moving to New York City after graduation is my ultimate goal. One thing that keeps me motivated through it all is knowing that what I do now serves for my growth and the realization of my goals in the future.
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