How to Shop on a College Budget

Fall semester means a lot of things. It means the beginning of a new school year, football season, pumpkin spice lattes, and a change of weather. Although in Miami, it is a very small change, however, it's still an excuse for a new wardrobe. Everyone knows college students are notoriously low on cash and if we’re not willing to spend more than $5 on lunch, there’s no chance we’re willing to spend all our money on clothes. That being said, that doesn’t mean our closet has to suffer. Dressing like a million bucks when you have about $10 can seem like a challenge but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some of my tips on how to shop guilt-free:

  1.  Student discounts!!!- This may seem obvious but there are so many people out there not taking full advantage of their student discounts. Signing up with websites like and, can snag you some extra cash off of purchases at certain stores. As well as, keep you updated on sales happening at some of your favorite stores.  
  2.  Peruse the sale section- Most stores have a sale section. Although they’re usually a big jumbled up mess, having some patience to go through the piles of clothes could be the key to finding some cute clothes at a big discount.
  3.  Thrift stores and upcycling – For those with more of a creative eye, thrift shopping and upcycling is a great choice. Looking for pieces and altering them to give them a unique and more ‘you’ look can be fun. On top of being super inexpensive, it guarantees no one else will have the same pieces as you. It's also a great sustainable clothing option!
  4.  Outlet stores- Now I know how much of a battle it is to be a low budget girl who loves high-end stores, but luckily there’s a magical place where those two things can coexist. Many high-end stores have outlets stores where they ship excess products and sell them at heavily discounted prices. All you need to do is go hunting for them. If online shopping is more your style, don’t fret websites like, offering a wide variety of high-end clothes at discounted prices and the best thing about it is its updated daily.
  5.  Zaful and Shein – You’ve probably already heard about these stores and yes, at times it could at times be slightly sketch but I’ve been able to order things and get some cute clothes at a ridiculously cheap price. While other times I’ve been less than pleased. When it comes to these 2 online stores, it’s really luck of the draw.