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How to Prepare for Nursing School

Many young men and women use college to begin to find their way into their niche in this world. Some of them find themselves on the road to nursing school. Nursing is a rewarding career that enables those who pursue it to be become the health care professionals that welcome you into their care. The profession has great benefits such as time, pay and other important factors. Though the job may seem to be a perfect fit for most, going through the programs is much more tough than it may let off to be. For instance, as you enter your first two years in the undergraduate program, you must complete a series of pre-requisites that consist of anatomy, physiology, chemistry, statistics, and many more. Each school requires different, yet similar classes, so it is best to look through all the programs that you are interested in. Some of the best ways to prepare for nursing school (and get in) are to gather all the materials you are going to need. Nursing schools require an entrance exam known as the ATI TEAS, which most students take around January. It allows the schools to inspect your abilities in the common grounds of nursing. Another great way to prepare for nursing school is to look up interview questions, so you can prepare for the occasion and know what to expect. For example, FIU posts the interview question to enable prospective students to succeed in their interview. Lastly, and probably the best thing, is to already have experience in a hospital. Most schools want to recruit students who are already passionate about the field and are making attempts to work in the environment. Being surrounded by the hospital can be a great way to see what your future may look like. Being a nurse is a rewarding profession that provides stability and jobs worldwide. As a nursing prospect myself, I am looking forward to my future one day in scrubs.

Hey guys! My name is Sophia Viteri (but my gal pals call me Sophie) and I am from Miami, Florida. I am a current student at FIU studying Nursing with a minor in psychology. I love to write in my spare time, especially poetry. Shopping, traveling, and trying new places is a big plus in my everyday life. I hope you, the readers, love my content!