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How to Identify the Red Flags in Your Relationship

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at FIU chapter.

Dating can be exhilarating as you are getting to know someone you’re interested in! Between going to the movies or catching up at a dinner date, you can eventually find yourself blinded by love. However, the cloud 9 state of mind you’re in can quickly come to an end when your loved ones don’t approve of your relationship. Sometimes your friends and family are wrong, but what if they are right? Maybe you are not realizing that the person you are falling for is not who you really think they are. Friends and family are people that should want what is best for you at all times. If they are telling you something is off about the person you’re seeing, then maybe you should keep that to consideration. Take a step back and analyze your relationship by asking yourself these 3 questions:


Are you always catching them in lies?

Big or small, there is never a reason to lie. Your significant other is the person that you should be able to trust no matter what! There is no excuse for making up why they couldn’t hang out or why they were talking to someone. Regardless of what the lie is, remember that they lied because they knew the truth would hurt you or that you wouldn’t be happy by it; they still chose to do it anyways. 


Who is the one who is always initiating plans or conversations?

In every healthy relationship, both people should be putting in the same effort! If you’re the one always making plans and they don’t show any initiative to see you, then there is definitely something weird. It’s expected that at the beginning of a relationship, one of you may play a bit hard to get. However, once you both have been on several dates and may have become exclusive, then both parties should be matching the effort! Consider this: if you don’t make plans with your significant other or don’t text them one day, how much effort will they make to reach out to you instead?


Do they say things that make you feel bad about yourself?

The person you are dating should always make you feel like the most beautiful person in the world. You shouldn’t have to be filled with doubt or worry that they will find someone more attractive than you. You should be so confident in yourself and your relationships that you wouldn’t stress over anyone trying to come in between the two of you. You should never feel ashamed for being yourself or uncomfortable by the way you look when you’re with them. If they put you down for that then not only should you not be with them, but they don’t deserve to be with you!


Everyone deserves to be in a loving relationship with someone who is respectful, supportive, loyal, and is showing consistent effort! When in a relationship, it may be hard to realize when you are not being treated the best as you may be blinded by their love. Separate all the feelings you have for this person and ask yourself if you’re truly happy being with them. Are you in love with the person you’re in a relationship with or are you just in love with the idea of being in a relationship?

Natalia Pineiro is a blogger, social media manager, and college student at Florida International University. Born and raised in Miami, Natalia has always adored how she was able to make longlasting friendships and connections with people from all over the world. South Florida is an extremely culturally diverse environment that makes it one of the most unique places in the world and Natalia couldn't be more proud of it. The passion she has for meeting people of different cultures has pushed her to travel to many destinations to explore new languages, food, and more! She loves sharing her experiences through blog posts, video editing, photography, and more!