Horoscopes: False or Fact?

Believers or not, I am sure we've all read our horoscope a few times just because. They are presented to us through social media daily and pop-up in our favorite weekend magazine, I know you've probably checked Cosmo's story on Snapchat on a Monday just to read yours (guilty); but are they real? Are there any proven facts behind this science? Or is it all a silly way to entertain the public based on false and vague allegations?

If you are a loyal believer of horoscope predictions, this is by no means a bashing on the validity of it all; I myself enjoy reading my horoscope every now and then. However, I am curious as to why this mysterious science calls for so much attention without giving its followers any concrete proof or research method to back up its predictions. I thank my Psychology 101 professor for sparking my interest in investigating a little more and clarifying the truth. While it is fun to read and interpret the encoded messages in a horoscope, it is considered by traditional scientists a "Pseudoscience" which means that it lacks sustainable evidence for the processes that result in its statements, believes or practices. Horoscopes are mainly based on Astrology, the study of celestial objects and its movements, and it draws conclusions based on the specific angles of stars, the sun, the moon and other planets during a certain event. You can probably understand this can be hard, and highly expensive, to research since it involves objects that are very much out of our reach. This is why Astrology, and mainly horoscopes, have the bad reputation of being false sciences and being a waste of time. 

Most people already know the bad reputation that horoscopes have, but still choose to humor themselves with a little bit of harmless corny writing regarding their life. Sometimes the statements in a horoscope can be spot on, to the point where it will make you want to read them religiously, but other times they won't have anything to do with what is going on in your life. This is because the statements used are often vague and open to any sort of interpretations, as if to leave it up to you to give it meaning. There is no doubt that reading about the moon being on your side for a whole month, a solar movement that will bring a new job opportunity, or Mercury not being in retrograde for once in your life can really make your day all that better; but it is important to remember to not take it so seriously when it says you will fail your test because Jupiter decided to make a wrong turn. As for now, I will just take pride in the fact that it is #ScorpioSzn and my horoscope has a bunch of positive things to say to make my week better! Go read yours and see what you can make of it!


Picture: The Star