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Hair Review: Hot Head Deep Conditioning Cap

Thermal Hair Care, Inc was founded by Sandra Snell, a hair stylist, in 2014. Her company values quality hair products and excellent customer service. She developed this company because she saw the importance of deep conditioning treatments while using heat to help open the hair cuticles. Sandra later became a mother and soon discovered that the usual method of a hooded dryer wasn’t an option anymore, so she started to use a practical practice used in salons, called the towel method. The towel method is when a wet warm towel is wrapped around deep conditioned hair. She was inspired by the towel method to create the Hot Head cap. 

What is a Hot Head Cap?

The Hot Head is a microwaveable, flaxseed filled, heated deep conditioning cap. This cap allows people to have the freedom to do everyday chores without being glued to their seat for hours. The cap also comes in various colors and themes; From flowers to the milky way galaxy, there is no doubt you won’t find your favorite style. The caps come in various colors and designs and are handmade locally by their team of talented seamstresses. 


Hot Head is very inexpensive compared to a hooded dryer that usually averages about $100 or more, whereas the Hot Head cost about $29. In the instructions given to heat up the Hot Head, it states it requires 3, 45-second increments in the microwave. Also, the instructions stated to make an additional trip to the microwave if needed. The cap should stay on for 20-40 minutes to get the full effects of the deep conditioning.  I made one additional trip to the microwave because I kept my cap on for a full 40 minutes. Lastly, the instructions state to let the hair cool 5 minutes after your done deep conditioning and then rinse the deep conditioning out with cool water to seal in the moisture. The final results I was very pleased with. The cap did just what it said it would do, MOISTURIZE. My hair felt bouncy and my coils were very defined afterward. Definitely, recommend this cap because it gives you the ability to move around instead of being glued to your seat and most important all it helps moisturize your hair to its fullest potential. 

Hair Type: 4C


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