Is hair clarifying for you?

A few days ago, I stumbled upon a section with a few products at my local beauty store that read “hair clarifier”. I was instantly intrigued by this term and of course I had to go right home and do my research. 


What is it? 

Our scalps usually don’t receive the proper care or exfoliation they deserve. We use loofahs on our bodies, balms for our lips, and night creams for our faces but we think a bit of shampoo and conditioner twice a week is enough to give us commercial worthy hair. Clarifying strips away all the product that has buildup on your scalp which results in healthy hair follicles on the scalp. 


Who should do it?

Just about everyone! Most of us use silicone products such as moose, gel, hairspray, etc. that buildup in your scalp and is not strpped away by just a simple shampoo. Any mask or oil we use in our hair is vital to give it a bit more of life but if we never remove the product residue we will not see the aftermath we hoped for. At times we may feel like we lack moisture for our curls to take form or our shine to show but in reality we have dirt, product, mineral, and oil buildup standing in the way. Now any discomfort or unhappiness you are feeling with your current hair follicle and strand situation can all stem from not recently or ever clarifying your hair. 


How to do it? 

Now that you have realized how necessary hair clarifying is for the everyday girl it’s important to pick the best method for you. You can chose to clarify your hair right from your home or you can purchase any of the clarifying shampoos in store. Products used for clarifying vary from $4 to $30 or you can use some castile soap, baking soda and oil in order to whip yourself a homemade solution. 


Hair clarifying is the hottest trend for this upcoming fall in order to repair sun damage from last season but be sure to only use a clarifier once a week at most.