The Graduation Checklist

Graduation day is probably high up the one one of the most memorable days of your life, or at least it should be! It’s the day that all of the hard work, long hours, and endless all-nighters have resulted in,which makes it not only a day worth celebrating, but a time worth remembering.

Don’t let time pass you by and leave you only with the memories (which are more likely to be about said allnighters and long hours) that will one day fade away. There is no time like today to start planning how to make your graduation season memorable, and lucky for you, I have compiled a short but sweet checklist to guide you through the process, so you don’t miss any important bits! 

  • Let’s Start With The Basics - You cannot graduate without applying for graduation first. Make sure that you are approved, good to go, and go get yourself a cap and gown because we are getting this show on the road!

  • Grad Pics! - Graduation pictures are by far the biggest must have for a graduation you will never forget. When done right, the pictures should not only be beautiful, but they should help to remind you of all the hard work you have put into successfully finishing your undergraduate career. Take pictures at the iconic places around campus, but also the places that hold a personal meaning to you. Was Starbucks your go-to place for surviving college? Take a picture there! Did you create fond memories through some type of involvement? Include that! These pictures should serve as instant memories, no matter when you look at them, so make them awesome, and most importantly, make them feel like you!

  • Get The Look - You might have done it by the time you get your grad pictures taken, but this is the moment for you to go all out! The hair, the makeup, the nails, the outfit, the shoes. This is your time to get the outfit of your dreams, because graduating college is no small feat!

  • Decorate Your Cap - Have you ever given any thought to what you want to display on your graduation cap for the world to see? The options are endless and there are even people that do it professionally nowadays! Your cap will be your best accessory throughout your pictures, and will be your companion on the day of the actual ceremony, so make it something you will never get tired of looking at, and (again) cater it to you.

  • Get All The stuff - If you were part of any organization, it is likely that they will have a cord or stole that you can choose to order for your big day - and you should! These cords and stoles represent the effort and passion you put into projects outside of the academic aspect of school, they make you who you are and define your college career just as much (or even more!) as your GPA. Make sure to get them all and wear them proudly on the day of. My personal goal is to have neck pain from the massive amount of weight I’ve put on it by the time the ceremony is over.

  • Celebrate Good Times! - This is it, you’ve made it. The tassel has been turned, the caps have gone flying, and your diploma is (not) in your hand; there is nothing left to do but celebrate! You have sent out the announcement and invitations, your people are there to celebrate you, now go and do what you’ve been practicing for since freshman year: party!

Graduations can be bittersweet moments, but as one chapter ends another one begins. Congratulations to all the graduating Seniors as they take the final steps of their undergraduate careers. Celebrate and make the best out of these memories before heading off to the big bad world You’ve earned it!