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Goerge HW Bush Newest on List of High Profile Sexual Assault Allegations 

      The closing of 2017 has been a powerful time for women where we have seen an enormous amount of sexual assault allegations coming into the light. Clandestine sex offenders everywhere are being exposed by their victims and the list of those being accused is scandalously replete with hollywood actors, athletes and politicians. Amongst the accused has been pioneer of the movement, Harvey Weinstein alongside Kevin Spacey, Ed Westwick, Roy Moore and many, many more. More recently, 92 year-old George HW Bush has been accused of making almost identical sexual advances towards 4 different women. These disturbing revelations have made it increasingly obvious that as citizens we have been the victims of deceit made possible by the power that these offenders carry.

      Although nearly all the allegations presented against these men have thus far been credible, many are doubting the veracity of the claims that are involving George HW Bush. The claims made by the 4 women, amongst them, previous senator Amanda Staples and author Christina Baker Kline, all have the same premise: Bush groped their butts during a photo op and made dirty jokes in reference to them. Out of the 4 occurrences, 3 happened while Bush was in a wheelchair- an excuse that paves a smooth path for the 41st president to avoid the possible consequences of his informal charges. Jim Mcgrath, Bush’s spokesman, gave a statement following the first two accusations that essentially watered down the former president’s sickening actions and placed the blame solely on the fact that he was confined to a wheelchair and therefor his movements were awkward and limited next to those who were standing. This same feeble attempt at an explanation (because let’s be real- it was no apology) for Bush’s behavior was reiterated verbatim when Kline and Staples came forward with their stories. Ironically, Amanda Staples explains that during her encounter with Bush he was not confined in a wheelchair and therefor had full control as to where he placed his hand.

      It is no question that karma has been paying a visit to those who have been under fire for their sexual misconducts. Harvey Weinstein lost his company, his wife and his reputation, Kevin Spacey will no longer work with Netflix and most likely any other media conglomerate, colleagues of Roy Moore are calling for an internal investigation- the list of the ill fated goes on. It is obvious, however, that George HW Bush may completely escape his allegations and come out unscathed all because of his old age and the disability that came with it. In his cursory statement, Mcgrath unsuccessfuly attempted to mitigate the situation by explaining the advances by the 41st president were just a pat on the rear “in what he intended to be a good-natured manner.” This is a poor excuse for a serious epidemic that has been given too little attention. Regardless of a person’s age and/or power, no one should be allowed to avoid the scrutiny and punishment that may arise in light of their wrongdoings.  

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