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Gift Ideas to Show How Much You Care

Name a Star After Them

This is one of my favorite gift ideas ever, and I would only ever get this for someone I truly love and see being part of my life for a very long time. You can use any star registry online to name a star after that special someone. Sometimes you can even choose which constellation you want the star to fall into, so if the person is a Gemini, you can choose a star in the Gemini constellation. The registry will then send you a certificate with your star’s name and its coordinates, which you can give to the other person in a nice frame. This gift will show that you value this person so much that you think they should have their very own star, and it’s a gift that will always be timeless. 

Paint Them Something

It’s okay if you don’t consider yourself to be particularly artistic because I definitely am not, and I’ve done something like this as a gift for someone else. You can just find a simple painting tutorial on Youtube and follow along as much as you can, it can even be an abstract painting. What makes this a special gift is that the other person will see that you took the time and effort to make them a personalized gift that only they will have. You can make your painting on a little canvas and give it to them so that they can put it up as a decoration in their room or somewhere in their home. It’s a creative idea that will really showcase the effort you’re willing to put in for this person. 

Give Them a Gift for Each Album by Their Favorite Artist 

I know this one might sound a little confusing, but I just did this for my best friend’s most recent birthday, and she said it was her favorite gift ever, so I think it was a successful gift (originally got the idea from Tik Tok). Her favorite musician is Taylor Swift, so I gave her a gift inspired by a specific lyric from each album – 9 gifts in total. Just to give you an example, I took the lyric “crimson red paint on my lips” from “I Did Something Bad” (Reputation) and gave her a red Mac lipstick. This is such a creative gift idea that anyone will love, and you can base it around whoever their favorite musical artist is.

Follow a Theme

My best friend does this with all of her gifts, and I realized it only makes them so much more meaningful, so I have started doing it too. You just have to choose a specific theme to center your gifts around, whether it be space, cottagecore, a specific color, etc. For example, recently I followed a space theme for a friend’s birthday, and I got her a moon ornament for her room, star lights to hang above her bed, and a candle with a moon-related title. Having a theme connects all of your gifts and makes it all seem a lot more organized and well-thought-out, which will make the person feel special and appreciate the thinking you put into their gift. 

Rachel is currently an English Major at Florida International University. She loves fashion, movies, books, and theater. Her dream is to move to California and work for a publishing company while she auditions for acting roles on the side. The arts are her passion, and this includes writing! If you ever want to discuss any of these things with her, feel free to reach her at her Instagram @rachelglez.
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