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Getting Into the Fall Season.

Growing up in Miami you see a mix of different cultures, people and food. Miami doesn’t disappoint when it comes to being diverse, but the one thing that can be pretty lackluster is the fall season.  When I think of fall I think of the crisp chilly air and the autumn leaves covering every inch of the ground. Miami does the complete opposite. While it can be disappointing to not fully indulge in the true essence of the fall season, there are certain products I swear by that makes you feel more in touch with fall.


I’m a huge fan of candles and I think one of the best ways to get into the fall mood is to incorporate a fall scented candle. You can use these candles in your room or around your house to fill the space with aromas that remind you of fall. I have tested many different candles for the season, but this specific candle is the cherry on top. This candle is called ‘The Perfect Autumn.’ It’s infused with scents such as fresh cranberry, crisp apple, spiced pumpkin and rich clove with essential oils. This candle is available to purchase from Bath & Body Works.


Another way I like to get into the fall mood is by doing my makeup, specifically my eyeshadow. I think fall is the perfect time to use an eyeshadow palette that consists of earthy tones. My favorite eyeshadow palette for the fall season (and in general honestly) is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance eye shadow palette. This palette just screams fall. This palette has earthy yellow tones, to browns and reds. This palette will give you endless options when it comes to perfecting the fall makeup look. You can purchase this at Sephora.


Accessorizing is the answer to many things in life. Accessorizing is almost like a statement. Putting on together different pieces of jewelry that gives off a fall season mood can make you feel more in touch. I recently discovered this ring on Etsy that is perfect to wear for the season. This is a dainty sun-ring which has a burnt orange stone in the middle. The color of  the stone alone correlates with the typical colors for fall so nicely.


One of the easiest ways to get into the fall mood is surrounding your home with things that remind you of fall. If you like to drink coffee or tea in the morning then I found the perfect fall mug for you. This white porcelain mug is simple, yet beautiful with its fall inspired leave design. It adds a nice fall touch to your typical morning routine. Brownie points for Target for selling this gem.


I know that trying to have a fall wardrobe in Miami is difficult because of the heat. I found the perfect solution while browsing through the Urban Outfitters website. I found this cranberry colored v-neck sweater. This sweater is light enough to stand against Miami’s heat and humidity. This is a great addition to your fall wardrobe if you’re tired of your summer clothes.

Sarah is currently a student at Florida International University studying Public Relations and Communication. She has a passion for writing and has a blog of her own. You can find her with her family and friends, her dog or on a plane for her next travel adventure.
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