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Everyone works hard at the end of the year to enjoy a peaceful and stress-free break. It can be really hard to get back into the groove of work and school once returning from a long time off. The holidays are much needed, however, now it’s time to get back to work! There are ways to help yourself ease back into all your responsibilities. Start your year on the right foot by doing the following:

Sleep Early

It may seem like an impossible task the night before returning to school or work, but it can be done! If you have trouble sleeping at night, take away all electronic devices or at least just turn them off. Even if your television is playing in the background, the light and sounds will not allow you to fully rest throughout the night. It’s important to get rid of everything that could get in the way of your restful sleep. However, if you still can’t sleep, what I do is try to read something that is extremely boring! If your textbooks can put you to sleep in class, then they’ll get the job done at night.  

Eat Breakfast

I’ve never been a fan of eating first thing in the morning. Growing up my mom would practically have to beg me to eat before going to school and I really just couldn’t do it. It made me grossed out and I was never hungry at that time. I used to drink coffee at the crack of dawn to keep me awake throughout the day because I thought I needed it. Once I started eating breakfast in the mornings, I realized I didn’t need coffee to survive my days. I really just needed a balanced breakfast! I stopped feeling so sleepy in the mornings and had more energy to do things than ever before. This is the kind of energy you will need to get back into the rhythm of your busy work week.

Do Everything in a Timely Manner

My mom always told me, “Don’t leave what you can do today for tomorrow,” and Momma is always right! Leaving things for the last minute is an unnecessary and avoidable pain in the neck. You may be looking to get that adrenaline rush to quickly write up that essay you had been procrastinating about all week. That can work if you have only one quick assignment to do, but what if you have 3 BIG projects you need to complete in an hour. What will you do then? Some may pull all-nighters or will give up and not submit anything. Don’t put yourself in a position where you are setting yourself up for failure. 

2020 might’ve sucked for a lot of people, but don’t go into 2021 with that same energy. Keep your spirits up! Think wisely about your decisions and how they will affect your short and long-term goals. The way you get back into your work after winter break will set the tone for your year! Do yourself a favor and sleep early, eat your breakfast, and finish your tasks on time. Have a happy new year, ladies!

Natalia Pineiro is a blogger, social media manager, and college student at Florida International University. Born and raised in Miami, Natalia has always adored how she was able to make longlasting friendships and connections with people from all over the world. South Florida is an extremely culturally diverse environment that makes it one of the most unique places in the world and Natalia couldn't be more proud of it. The passion she has for meeting people of different cultures has pushed her to travel to many destinations to explore new languages, food, and more! She loves sharing her experiences through blog posts, video editing, photography, and more!
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