Freshmen Year Is Over: Now What?

Freshman year of college was probably an eye-opening experience. You saw things and felt things that never existed in high school. These new experiences helped you grow into the person you’re meant to be. Freshman year, however, is about settling into the next four years of your college career. It’s the time for feeling out college classes, friends, and the fun that college has to offer. What happens after the first year though? 

So you’re in your second year of college. The first year was a blast; you met great people on campus and attended every event. In the next phase of your college career, it’s time to sit down and really understand why you’re here; where do you see yourself after it’s over? Of course, it’s a daunting thought because it feels like high school was just last week. Even so, there are multiple resources at hand to help you really think proactively. 

 It never hurts to explore the course catalog. Take classes that you’re interested in if you’re unsure of what field you would like to go in. In the case that you know what field to study but have no specific job title in mind, it could still help to explore within the field of study.    

Meeting with your advisor could help some of these questions get answered. You can explain to them what you're looking for out of your academic experience and they can map it all out for you. They can even give you an idea of potential careers to aim towards. 

No matter what, don’t be afraid to lean on the people around you. We’re all going through the same milestone in our lives and could use all the support we can get. You make friends of various ages in college. You can turn to them for advice on classes, professors, or just to rant on mutual experiences.

It can get overwhelming and you might feel stuck at times. Don’t get discouraged when you’re still finding the right major and career path. Try different courses and talk to the people around you to help the decision process. However, don’t forget to enjoy college like it’s freshman year all over again.