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Frank Ocean Teases New Album

Frank Ocean – music’s most elusive, yet extremely talented R&B artist may be releasing a new album soon. Infamous for teasing his fans and releasing his music in the most cryptic ways, Ocean took to Tumblr, his favorite social platform, to give fans a little taste of hope.

On November 28, the GRAMMY winner wrote “’Well! I made the album before 30. I just ain't put that b---- out!' - quotes from an interview I haven't given haha,” which instantly sparked speculation amongst his fan base as to whether he was hinting at an upcoming album he already recorded.

Although it could all just be a joke, it would make sense for him to possibly have a completed album ready for a timely release. In 2012, Ocean promised his fans “5 albums before 30” via Twitter. Considering he celebrated his 30th birthday this past October, this leads fans to believe even more that an album could soon be out in the world.

Beginning with his debut mixtape back in 2011 dubbed Ultra, Ocean has released four full-length albums thus far with his proper album Blonde and visual album Endless being his most recent duo-released in 2016.  Since then, the singer has released several tracks as part of his Blonded Radio show including “Lens,” “Chanel,” “Provider," a “Slide on Me” remix featuring Young Thug, “RAF” featuring ASAP Rocky and Quavo and a solo version of “Biking.”

According to an interview with Vice, Ocean hinted at a busy new year saying: “If you liked 2017 then you’ll love 2018.” Only time will tell if the enigma of R&B will bless us with another work of art, but no matter how long he may make us wait, it’s always worth it.


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