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Whether you're a Formula 1 fan or not, the new Miami Grand Prix is a huge deal. F1 is the highest class international car racing and one of the most popular sports in the world. Grand Prix are held all over the world, which challenge the drivers with different tracks and environments to adapt to. It has been rare for Formula 1 to have more than one race in America, but with the addition of the new track being constructed in Miami, it is sure to be a huge event for South Florida.

The track will take place in the Hard Rock Stadium complex in Miami Gardens, home to the Miami Dolphins Football team. Miami and Formula 1 have a 10-year contract, which gave birth to this 3.4-mile, 19-turn circuit, named Miami International Autodrome. Mayor Rodney Harris told The New York Times, the race “is going to generate millions of dollars, not only for our economy in Miami Gardens, but for the whole South Florida region.” The event is scheduled to take place during the weekend from May 6 - May 8.

The @f1mia Instagram has generated a whopping 100k followers already, and has been giving little glimpses into the tracks construction.

All my Miami people know that traffic is already an issue, so be aware of this massive event when driving that weekend. F1 might be racing, but we certainly will not be. If you are lucky enough to attend this expensive event, congratulations for becoming a part of a new history in F1.

Sofia is a sophomore studying Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communications at FIU. You might have already guessed, but she loves all things writing and art. She was born and raised in New Jersey but currently resides in Miami. Sofia has a passion for seeing new places, trying new things, and delving into the world of different media.
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