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The Foodie Behind “Fork Yeah Miami”

Instagram has become the catalyst to the fiery diverse food scene here in Miami. Let’s face it, most of us follow at least one or two accounts that consistently post mouth-watering HD photos of the food we crave most from the spots we’ve been dying to try. But behind every perfectly arranged photo and cleverly formulated pun lies a gifted, food-loving genius whose sole intention is to guide our hungry little hearts to the best kitchens in town.

Meet Valentina Lara, the 20-year-old foodie behind the infamous food blog dubbed “Fork Yeah Miami.”

Originally from Barranquilla, Colombia, Lara’s interest in cuisine sparked early in life. From baking with her mom to traveling with her family, she explains that she “learned to be open minded about different textures and flavors” from an early age. Upon entering college at FIU, Lara landed an internship at a prominent PR firm here in South Florida and was able to quickly absorb what it’s like to write and work with the food industry. However, it was during summer of 2016 when she was struck by her life changing epiphany.

According to Lara, after binge watching “The Carrie Diaries” on Netflix, she felt inspired and motivated. Following a scene where one of the character boldly says, “The world is full of people who all want the same thing, and you have to do a little something extra to make them remember you,” Lara instantly applied this to her own personal situation and knew something had to change. From that moment on, she was determined to do something for herself for once and transform her dreams into reality. 

Her passion for travel, adventure, and of course– food, led her to merge these three beloved elements of interest into something bigger. What simply began as a hobby soon became an unimaginable wave of exposure. Thus, Fork Yeah Miami was born. With the help of her friend Carlos Fernandez Jr. who oversees social media strategy and analytics, the blog has become insanely popular amongst food lovers and restaurants from across the board, and one of Miami’s most popular pages to learn about all things trending in the food scene.

With over 11 thousand followers, Lara makes sure she is consistently up to date with the latest spots and trends while simultaneously collaborating with well-known restaurants throughout the city. Fork Yeah Miami keeps its audience updated with the latest Miami food trends that range from mom and pop shops to popular hot spots. The deliciousness never ends. Fork Yeah Miami not only features local delicacies, but also exquisite food spots in cities across the country including New Orleans, Chicago and New York.

To stay updated on the latest and most delicious food trends, be sure to follow Fork Yeah Miami on Instagram.


All photos courtesy of Valentina Lara.

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