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Food Spots Every FIU Student Should Try!

There are local restaurants that every FIU student should try before they graduate. These businesses are near FIU, which makes it perfect for those who live on campus or those who are constantly in the area and looking for somewhere to eat. 


Here are the top three places to go:


Night Owl Cookies:



If you've never tried a Night Owl Cookie, then you haven’t tried the best cookies in Miami! This hot spot has different cookie combinations that will make your mouth water, like the cinnamon toast crunch and chocolate peanut butter! The online menu shows all the cookie combinations they have, but once you commit to looking at the menu, there is no going back. The best part about this spot is that it’s open past 12 am, so if you are having that midnight craving or you're a night owl at heart, it's perfect!


specialTEA Lounge & Cafe:



SpecialTEA cafe is a cozy and quaint spot for students to relax or get some assignments done. The cafe is a hidden gem, it is in a plaza between a Dunkin Donuts and the Oasis Banquet Hall. The cafe has a variety of foods and drinks, starting from loose leaf teas to frozen drinks with boba. My favorite part about the cafe, besides the overall atmosphere, is that there is something there for everyone to enjoy! The menu has savory salad, wraps, bowls, and panini’s that include meat, but the meat can be substituted with texturized vegetable protein or beefless strips. If you are only looking for a snack or have a sweet tooth, they have stale pastries such as stuffed croissants and vegan cookies. My personal go-to order is the matcha freeze with boba added and a vegan chocolate chip cookie, the best combo order! Also, there are other pastries behind their glass show case that may not be listed on their online menu, so make sure to stop by the specialTEA Lounge & Cafe!


PHO 79



PHO 79 is a Vietnamese restaurant that has deliciously savory and satisfying meals! The most popular menu is pho, if you've never had pho, it's broth, rice noodles, herbs, and meat such as chicken or beef. As a vegetarian, the concern of finding something meatless on any menu can be worrisome, but the restaurant has a vegetarian pho option that tastes amazing! Besides pho, the restaurant has other menu items such as rice platters, rice vermicelli, and assorted appetizers. Unfortunately, PHO 79 does not have their own website, but there are other websites that provide the menu for you to look at. The best part about PHO 79 is their quick service, without fail right after I sit down at a table I am attended to within less than five minutes. As a weekly regular, I wholeheartedly recommend everyone to try PHO 79!

Gabriella Durand is a senior at Florida International University pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree in Dietetics and Nutrition. When not in class, she can be found at club meetings, participating in campus events, or hanging around campus studying with friends. Her goal is to become a Registered Dietitian, but her passions extend to art, fashion, makeup, and food.
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