Flight Essentials for the Globetrotters

Flight Essentials for the Globetrotters

There’s nothing more exciting than confirming flight tickets, planning a trip, imagining cute outfits in your head and going on Pinterest and finding the most aesthetic and picturesque go-to spots. But in the midst of all this planning and excitement, next thing you know, the countdown is almost over… and it’s time to have your packing mode: on. With that, here are some flight essentials to make the traveling a little more fun and cozy!


1. Comfortable Clothing

I always come across girls who post the CUTEST pictures of their travel outfit--though, their outfit may not be the most suitable for a flight, in all honesty. When going on a flight, especially a long haul flight, being comfortable is key. Make sure to pack something that’ll be suitable for comfort--sweatshirt, leggings, sneakers, some warm socks in your carry-on and for a little something more, try wearing a cute messy bun.

2. Entertainment Essentials

Being the most impatient person to ever exist, bringing in-flight entertainment essentials are a definite must for me. On flights, I usually buy or download a movie on my laptop, create a playlist, download apps to play on my phone, and bring a book. When packing your bags, here are some items you should keep in mind:

  • Laptop and/ or iPad

  • Book and magazines

  • Headphones

  • Journal

  • Chargers

3. Miscellanous:

When packing for what you’re going to need for your flight, make sure to not forget these goodies.

  • Moisturizer: Being up in the air can really dry your skin up, bring a moisturize to hydrate your skin mid-flight to feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

  • Neck Pillow: Passing time on flights is my favorite thing to do, and another of my favorite things to do is: sleep. Bringing a neck pillow will help you get your beauty sleep the most comfortable way possible on a flight.

  • Snacks: I wouldn’t say I can necessarily rave about airplane food, therefore I always make sure to bring a snack or buy a meal beforehand.

  • Roller-Ball Perfume: Not only are these travel sized, but these are so essential after long travel days to smell as if you haven’t been traveling hours.