Flashback Fall Fashion

Old trends always seem to make a comeback, and this fall we’re seeing an unusual amount of old trends make their way back into the modern world. Just as seen in this year’s New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion week with style icons and celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Rihanna rocking staple pieces that were highly popular in the ’80s and ’90s. The industry has fully re-embraced old fashion trends and now that fall is here we’ll be seeing many old trends making a comeback. Here are some of the popular ones making their way back in style this fall.

Fanny packs

Fanny packs used to be popular accessories worn around the waist in the 90’s and now they’re back but this time they’re being worn slung across your body as if you were wearing a crossbody bag. They were spotted by street style icons and in runways in 2018, and they’re now making a reappearance this fall. The old trend has made its way back and is here to stay as seen worn front row during NYFW and by popular style bloggers in the media.  

Mom Jeans 

High waisted, loose-fitting “mom jeans” used to be big in the late ’80s and early 200’s and today are a style revival and one of the biggest fall trends. We are now seeing a complete 180 from the skinny jean trend that has been around for many years. Once seen as a laughing matter, mom jeans are now considered trendy and best of all can be worn a ton of different ways paired with just about anything. 


Considered fashionable accessories in the ’90s, barrettes were staples to women as they would wear them along with pins and flowers to match their dresses. In today’s modern world it seems that accessories are making their way back in style as said by San-Diego based stylist, Conni Jesperson who says that this fall season we will see a lot of embellished small accessories. More specifically, stacked hair clips are making a comeback this fall. 

Puffy sleeves

One of the biggest style revivals is puffy sleeves. By now you have probably seen them everywhere, from fashion runways, Instagram fashion influencers, and celebrities, these larger than life sleeves are what’s currently in. We first saw them during the 2019 spring fashion runways, and as you can see they have become widely popular and are here to stay this fall season and probably even until the end of the year. The oversized puffy sleeves trend has become a definite style statement this fall. If you’re ready to jump on this new trend you can go here for some style tips on how to wear and style them.