Five Ted Talks You Must Watch

A couple of years ago, before we became dependent on apps, people would joke about how there was an app for every little thing. Nowadays, there's also a Ted talk for pretty much any imaginable topic. The difference is that we aren't taking advantage of it as much as we should be.

Ted talks can be the older, wiser version of yourself you wish you could talk to. They are given by individuals who have overcome obstacles in some way or made influential discoveries that are worth listening to. These talks can answer curiosities you can’t explore within your classrooms. They are an engaging, new way to learn about ourselves and the world. Oh, and guess what? There’s an app for them. 

Technology Hasn’t Changed Love. Here’s Why.

I constantly hear older generations and even millennials themselves say that technology and social media have changed love. This Ted talk explores marriage and the concept of love in primitive tribes to show that the way we love has little to do with the technology available to us, and more to do with our human nature.


Looks Aren’t Everything. Believe Me, I’m a Model.

At some point in time, even the most confident of women have felt like their looks weren’t good enough.

“I’m not pretty enough”

“I’m not skinny enough”

Or some other version of the sentence has attacked our minds to make us feel like we’re missing something. At times we have even deluded ourselves into believing that if we possessed the qualities we believe to lack, we would be happier.

Cameron Russell, a model, challenges this misconception. A smaller waist and clearer skin will not make the insecurities fade. Even models, who are known for having small waists and beautiful skin, are still insecure. The way you look is not a reflection of how you will feel. 

What Fear Can Teach Us.

Often times we let our fears determine our actions. In the story told by Karen Thompson Walker fears can often cloud our minds into making incorrect judgments. The story Walker uses to explain her theory is perfect for helping audiences realize how truly incapacitating fears can be.

However, the correct way to approach these situations is to try to understand why we are afraid. We must first understand the meaning of our fears if we are to truly overcome them. Instead of telling ourselves and each other not to panic or not to be afraid, we should be spending more time evaluating the source of our fear in order to make proper decisions in the situations at hand.


What Makes a Good Life? Lessons From The Longest Study On Happiness.

There is no universal answer to what having a good life means. Depending on our individual backgrounds, what we consider to be a good life varies significantly. Yet, we are all striving to achieve a good life even if we are not completely sure how to do so.

For all those ambitious souls running toward clear-defined goals, or maybe just running towards something they hope will bring about happiness and success, this is a great talk to listen to. 


Inside The Mind of a Master Procrastinator.

In his hilarious Ted talk, Tim Urban details what goes on in the mind of pretty much every college student nowadays. This talk is not only relatable, but it is a life lesson for all procrastinators who need help dealing with their bad habit.

Urban even goes as far as concluding that every single person is a procrastinator. We all have something we are waiting until the last minute to get done. If we understood how procrastination creeps up on us, and the consequences of procrastinating, we would be better equipped to resist the "instant gratification monkey."

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