The Five Stages of Buying Verified Fan Resale Tickets

Verified Fan presale can either be a blessing or a curse; there is no in-between. Whether you got the tickets, didn't get the ones you wanted, or weren't selected to get the code will make your week or ruin it. 

Now, yes, of course, you still have the general public sale, but there's no security that a scalper might not buy out all of the floor seats. It is always better to take your chances with the fan presale over the general sale.  

Everyone whos ever has done verified fan presale knows how stressful waiting in line can be. 

For those who aren't familiar with Verified fan presale and how it works, here is the rundown. Typically the artist or band announces their tour dates lineup; seconds later, Ticketmaster sends an email saying that that band or artist is having a fan presale a couple days before the general sale. Just by signing into your Ticketmaster account and enrolling in the verified presale doesn't ensure that you will get a special code sent to you. 


These are the five stages of buying verified presale tickets:



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From the beginning, the artist(s) announced the tour, you turned into a nervous wreck. Swirls of questions began to dance in your head, causing you to overthink EVERYTHING. 

"Am I going to get front row seats?" "Will I have enough to buy them?" "What if I am in class when the presale happen?" "Can I afford to miss class that day?"

You begin to contemplate the existence of the world at this point. 




 It's finally the day! 

You've been probably awake since 6 a.m., heck, you probably haven't even slept because in your dreams the worst-case scenarios would replay over and over again. 

As the timer goes down, your heart begins to race quickly.  

Being one of the first 100 to go through is the goal. You probably even have two different Ticketmaster accounts opened up in your phone and laptop, praying that the site doesn't crash while you're scoring some floor seats.



You're in the queue line with only 230 people ahead of you; you're seeing this as the glass half full. 

Nothing can go wrong, you know this and are hopeful that you'll get those floor seats or at least front row seats in the 100 area. 

As the number of people ahead of you diminishes your heart, your poor heart is accelerating. This is it! You basically have one foot inside the entranceway of Ticketmaster. 




So, by this time your presale code has finally let you in. There is no one ahead of you. You're free to shop around till you get those fresh seats, but now you're frustrated that you haven't been able to get decent seats. 

The whole glass-full concept it out the door. You HAVE to get those floor seats, but where are they? 


5.Despair/ Gleeful 


There are only two results that people get at the end of the presale, either they got the seats they were hoping for or they didn't. 

If you were one of the lucky few, then congratulations cause now you don't have to be apart of the general sale. Also, you might want to play those scratch lotteries cause if you got in with no site crash then you might still have a few lucky sparks left. 

If you were one of the few that didn't get the code or didn't get the chance to buy those tickets, it's okay. You got this! Come general sale you will be one of the few 10 people who get in first and will be able to buy those floor seat tickets you have been eyeing. Don't lose hope!