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Five Life Lessons from TV’s Qeen Bees

Have you ever found yourself lost and in need of advice, but every person you turn to gives you the same generic answer that leaves you with more questions than you originally came to them with? Yup that’s me, and every scenario I have faced in my life seems more like an episode for a tv drama than actual life. So I started turning to TV’s Queen bees for a little bit of advice, here’s what I got. 

“High school sucks. So spend time here with people that don’t.”Bianca DeSousa, Degrassi

      -Whether you’re in high school, or college, the message is clear. Sometimes life sucks, but that’s life. You shouldn’t have to spend your time with people that don’t make you happy, instead you should spend it with people that do. Bianca loved causing her fair share of trouble and turmoil, but in this scene she helps out a student that’s coping with depression and being bullied, it was nice to see that Bianca, the a bad girl, actually did have a heart. 


“If you really want something, you don’t stop for anyone or anything until you get it.”Blair Waldorf, Gossip Girl.

    -Blair has a knack for getting what she wants, but it’s because she works for it (and makes it seem effortless and easy). The truth is, nothing and no one should get in the way of your goals. And if it’s something you want, you will fight tooth and nail for it. 


“If you ain’t talking money, I don’t wanna talk.”Kate Sanders, Lizze McGuirre

    -If you grew up watching Lizzie McGuire like I did, then you somewhat sort of hated Kate (or at least felt bad for her most of the time). I always felt bad because her real friends were Lizzie, Miranda, and Gordo, yet she always treated them badly. In the end she could go back to them when she had no one else. In this quote, her message was clear, don’t waste your time with someone or something that doesn’t bring you joy or get you paid. Point blank. 


“Don’t get hung up on the details and miss what’s parked right in front of you.”Alison DeLaurentis, Pretty Little Liars. 

    -It’s easy to get lost in all the details of the things that happen to you, but that’s how you lose the beauty of what’s in front of you. Alison was known to play games and keep secrets, but she was no fool, she knew what she had in front of her and in this scene she wanted her friend to know it too. 


“Even grown up, we’re still 15 at heart.”Summer Roberts, The OC

      -No matter how old you get, you’ll still be 15 at heart. Things will still hurt you, things will still get to you, but it’s because we’re all human. Cut yourself a little slack here and there, you’re only human and it’s okay to make mistakes like you’re 15. 


A senior at Florida International University, Kaylin is currently majoring in Broadcast Journalism with a minor in Art. Aside from writing, she has a passion for pastry making, film photography, and reading. She can usually be found by the pool or beach reading a new adventure.
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