Five Inventions That Will Make Your Life Easier

In films from the 1980s and other ancient times, writers predicted that by the year 2017 we would have crazy technology and although we are definitely more advanced than we used to be, we are not where those writers envisioned us.


However, there are still a bunch of crazy, cool gadgets that have surfaced in the recent years and a good deal of people still don’t even know they exist! So here is a list of the ten coolest innovations I could find that could make your life just a little easier.


1.      The Alarm That Rolls Away From You



This alarm literally gets you out of bed. Unless you get up and chase this cool little gadget, you won’t be able to hit the snooze button.


Personally, this is going on my Christmas wish list. I think I am the heaviest sleeper I have ever met and I could really use an alarm that rolls away from me like I roll away from my problems..

2.      The Smart Grip Mug



While this may not be a flying car, it’s a hell of a problem-solver. The inventor of this mug probably got tired of spilling his coffee on himself every morning, and went ahead and made life easier for all of us clumsies.


3.      The Personal AC




Some of us like it cold and some like it hot. But we no longer have to compromise because we can just get our own AC to carry around. Setting our own rules to our temperature.


4.      Clothe that don’t get wet




Even if you’re not into having a personal AC, or even a smart grip mug, you can still prevent sweat stains and spill stains with clothe that don’t get stained! The liquids roll right off the cloth like no body’s business!


5.      Body Cameras



You know how annoying is to hold your phone while filming activities like concerts, rollercoasters rides, etc. It kind of takes away from the experience. BUT with these tiny, light body cameras you can literally do your thing and the camera will catch it. In other words, catch my own reality TV show coming up soon.