Five Fashion Trends For This Season

2018 has arrived! Many new trends will start and some old ones will stick around a little longer. Throughout the years fashion is always evolving and if you’re anything like me you like to keep up with style and the new fashion trends that occur.

So, to keep you in the loop let me start with introducing the Pantone color of the year for 2018…ULTRAVIOLET! Alright, so what the heck is ultraviolet and why that color? Pantone decided to go with a color that would work great for everyone and emphasize the fact we live in an age where imagination and creativity is key. This color brings exactly that. Quoted by Pantone “Ultra Violet symbolizes experimentation and non-conformity, spurring individuals to imagine their unique mark on the world, and push boundaries through creative outlets.”


A new season is slowly approaching and these fashion trends are out of control. From sequins, to embellishments to sportswear…the top trending looks have been reinvented. This season will be particular in color and how we accessorize with the latest trends.

Belt Bag: A.K.A, a fancy name for fanny pack. This trend has been trending all over social media with bloggers showcasing their belt bags to celebs caught on camera wearing them in the streets. This bag is fancy, yet convenient. It holds your pants up and it holds your belongings all at once!




Gucci Double G Belt: OK! This belt screams trending! Although this belt in the color black (most popular) is sold out all over the United States till April, that does not stop fashionistas from hunting it down. This belt has achieved some crazy publicity. This is a very significant yet expensive belt can style any outfit from normal to “call me a fashion icon.”  If you really want one place your order now before it sells out after April again! This belt definitely makes the perfect statement.


Fancy pants: Fashion icons are now styling casual tops with overly dressed pants, whether they have embellishments or made out of a cool material, the fancy pant style is rising. It is an easy way to look fashionable without even trying. Fringe at the bottom of your pants is a great first step to branch out, you can even fringe your own pants at home!


Patterns: Good bye solid colors and hello patterns! Polka dots, gingham, plaid, stripes and even mixed patterns will keep trending this season. Consider this a bold move in your styling, but take the risk. This trend can be used in blazers, pants and skirts.


Lavender: It's the new pink! This is the color that has been catching everyone’s attention on runways and look books for Spring 2018. Styling this beautiful color in a soft feminine look or giving it more edge with some dark denim, either or this color is to die for. Lavender, is the staple for Spring 2018 fashion looks.


Keep your eye on the lookout because there will most likely be more trends popping up on our social media news feeds as the year progresses, and remember to create unique styles for this upcoming season. Ultraviolet reminds us…be creative! 


Xo, JG





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