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FIU really is ‘Worlds Ahead.’ Even after spending 3 years as a student and learning all there is to know about FIU as a Peer Advisor, I continue to learn about different things FIU offers every day because they are constantly implementing new things. Below are some FIU hacks I’ve learned about that are extremely helpful. 

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1. Need a Blue Book for an exam? Skip paying for a blue book at the book store or at the vending machine and head to the SGA office to get one for free.

2. Follow all FIU accounts on social media. FIU Clubs and Organizations post when they are having giveaways, have special events, or discounted rates for you and your friends to fun places like rapids water park, kayaking, etc. 

Here are some of the ones that have constant giveaways:




3. The Health Center building is an entire hack on its own. If you want free aromatherapy (sleep, energy, headache, flu, relax, and study essential oil blends), free tea, 10 min massages, and contraceptives, this is the place. 

4.   If you and your family are down on funds, FIU has a food pantry located in DM 166 at MMC     and WUC 307 in BBC where you can go and pick out food that was donated. If you’re interested in donating to the food pantry, bring any goods to the Center for Leadership and Service offices (GC 242 at MMC, and WUC 220 at BBC).

5.   Haaaave you heard of Lynda? Lynda is an online website that offers thousands of video tutorials on different skills. They  offer tutorials on animation, design, music, business, marketing, photography/video, web and many more. The best part about it is that you are able to get certified on programs and can use these skills on your resume or at your workplaces. All you have to do is log in using your FIU username and password and you’ll have access to these services. 



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